What to do when you can’t do anything…..?

Boho Styled Photoshoot at the Wellbeing Farm

As we have been very limited to what we can and can't do in these unsettled times we been getting Creative in order to be Camera ready for our future Wedding Couples....

We were originally scheduled to shoot a Day of the Dead styled shoot but due to the restrictions put in place for Make Up Artist a couple of days before the shoot we had to go with what we had on hand....  Thankfully what we had on hand was a beautiful past bride and groom of ours.  Charlotte is super confident with her own makeup and Jake is just hair obsessed, (which I would be if I had any).

Charlotte brought along her own wedding dress as well as us loaning some from Vintage Lane Bridal Bouquet.

Flowers were provided from a local florist, Ann Hope Flowers Harwood, and the flower arch was provided by Let love Blossom.

I built the forrest gateway from some fabric I bought from a local fabric shop and dressed it with some artificial greenery I found in the Wellbeing farms famous quirky prop store.

The smoke effect was created using smoke pellets from Amazon,  not quite as effective as the Enola Gaye smoke flares but also nowhere near as pricey, (£5 for 10 different colours instead of £10 for one flare).

Anyway...  We had a super fun time with this shoot even if it was all very make do and mend.....

Enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment....



Venue: The Wellbeing Farm

Dresses: Vintage Lane Bridal Lounge

Flowers: Ann Hope Flowers

Photography: Creative Camera

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