Embrace the random

Believe me when I tell you that wedding days can bring with them the random.  From an impromptu first dance in the middle of the street to borrowing a narrow boat for a few photos.  It’s all taking the opportunities as you find them.


Marilena & Martin 542

Long boat on the river Cam Cambridge….

A family just arrived in as we came to the river with the bride and groom.  Anne asked the family if we could use the boat for a few photos.

Of the course the family said yes and even said the bride and groom could have a glass of pims whilst on board….

Bride and Groom on bicyles

And of course whilst in Cambridge you’ve got to borrow a couple of bikes to get a great shot…..

Bride and Groom dance in Street

Dancing in the Manchester Streets.

Bride and Groom on narrow boat Worsley

Can we borrow your Narrow Boat……?


If you believe the newspapers, then this random viking hoard raided the bride and grooms couples photoshoot….

What actually happened was Anne ran over to the Viking hoard and insisted they come and have photo with the bride and groom…..  the photo went viral.

Bride and Groom on horse

This one is from a video we did a good while ago….  A beach in Scotland,  ‘Do you ride horses…’ we asked the bride and groom….  Of course they did….  So we borrowed a couple of horses that were exercising along the beach…  Bride and Groom didn’t stop telling the guests about it for the rest of the day…

Rain and Haybails

One of most commented on photos is this one of the bridal party on hay bails in the rain…..  Yes it is real rain….  The back light is from a flash but the front light is someone coming into the car park that I asked to stop and put on their full beams.  It’s a photo of a lifetime.

Wind and rain.

That’s how wet and windy it really was….  The Brides brother….

Bride and groom on the peaky blinders set

When your wedding is at the Titanic Hotel Liverpool, right next to the set of peaky blinders you’ve got to take that opportunity..  The set was closing down never to be used again so it had to be done…..  Nearly had to wear a hard hat though….