Our Approach

Casual and calm…

Every family / couple is different, we like to get to know them so we can best represent them during our time together.

We often have had guest at weddings asking us how we know the bride & groom.  We reply, ‘we don’t really – we are the photographers’ the guest in question just replies with, ‘but you’re so friendly and approachable, we thought you must be part of the family’.

Our Story

If you love what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life.

We love what we do and it shows in our approach.

Simon & Anne

So here we are…..

SImon Kearsley

Simon Kearsley

How did I get into photography….  People ask me ALL the time…

The short answer isn’t all that short but I’ll try…..

My Dad was a Bin Man in a really posh neighbourhood of Bolton,  He used to bring home really expensive cameras that the residents had left out on top of the bin as they had upgraded to the lastest model.  So I was the only 5 year old in my school who owned a Hassleblad 500c (same came model they took to the moon).

My aunty was a hobbist and taught me how to take and develop my own photos.

Anne Pattison

I have always been a people person, so when Simon started Creative Camera full time, it didnt take me long to leave my teaching job and jump onboard.  I’m the candid photographer with the long lens capturing the moments and emotions of every wedding that usually go unnoticed.

If you need anything sensible answering like arranging meetings / shoots then I’m your go to girl.  If you want any mad photography ideas then Simon is the go to guy.


Anne Pattison
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