What Advice would past couples give you…..

Planning a wedding can be a tricky process so we reaches out to our past couples to ask them what they'd have done differently....  You may be surprised at some of the answers....

Lauren - Plan for you, no one else. Only invite people you actually want there. Definitely get a videographer because it goes by in a blink of an eye and you forget different things happened and you miss parts! Food is really important! Make sure it’s good and everyone is happy 😀.

Wear comfy shoes!

Nicola - Have a budget, but have a contingency as well as it almost always costs a bit more than you expect, mainly because you spot last min extras that you want for your Big Day 🙂 

  • Don't invite everyone just to please others, its your wedding so invite only who you want. You can't please everyone.
  • Choose a good photographer, from recomendations and reviews. Do your research before picking 😉 xx

My advice would be simple.. do what you wanna do!! don't try and please anybody but each other.. your wedding, your day... and one more but of advice... LOVE, LAUGH and SMILE...

Lucy - Enjoy planning. Don’t rush go to wedding fairs and make sure you like the people that will be part of your special day.

That’s how you know everything will run smoothly. X

Samantha - Not to stress too much or compare your wedding to anyone else's, it's not a competition.  At the end of the day it's a giant party so have fun.

Michael - Make sure you get it videotaped we didn't and we have regretted it ever since x

Lisa - My advice would be the same as above... don't try to please others, do it exactly how you want to and video it x

Gemma -

  •  Book you as photographers! 😍❤
  • set a rough budget and don't stress about the small things, the day goes so fast!
  • Make and accept compromises (if the Groom wants to be involved, mine did!)
  • As said before, make it a day for you and your other half, not for others approval/wants xx

Bekah - Honestly, I think it’s been said, but the best thing we did was book you guys. I knew months before we started organising things that I wanted you to cover the day. You were the first thing booked! We spent so much time with you on the day. Best advice is make sure you pick photographers that you are comfortable with 😀 xxx

Sam - Make sure they book you first so they don’t miss out on the best photographers.

Alice - If you are on a tight budget make as much stuff (invites table decoration) yourself save a lot and can get most things on Ebay.

Natalie - Put yourselves first when planning, it isn't about what other people would like or want its about what you want on your special day. Don't get stressed about the smallest of things, on the day it literally will not matter!  Book your main suppliers asap, then space all the other things out and enjoy ticking them off.  On the day make sure you take some time together, it really does go fast. Also, take time to just stand back and watch all your family and friends enjoying themselves, they're all there for you! And of course, book these as your photographers.. they kept me calm and ensured our day went as planned 😊❤

Sammi - Do it how you want it not how other people think you should x

Lisa - Invite who you want to invite not great aunt sally who you never see, just because people tell you to! 🙈 🤣 Also book creative camera ASAP, the first thing you do, so you’re not disappointed!! 😍 xxx

John - Don't invite the best wedding photographer in the area to your wedding as a guest 🙂 lol. Or book a venue that comes in to administration and closes their doors the week before you get married. But seriously it's your day do it as you want it, get ideas from pinterest or magazines etc but make it your own day. And yeah book Simon and Anne as your photographers is a given.

Jane - Make sure the day is what the two of you want and not what others want . ❤️

Jaimee - Not to think about pleasing everybody else when it comes to your wedding. It’s YOUR day YOUR way. And to just let the bride do most of it 😂😂 happy wife happy life xxx

Kim - Take time out just the two of you, look around the room and realise all those people are there for you and your partner. They love you, they wish you the best. Remember not everything will fall perfectly into place but that doesn’t matter! It’s your day and it will be perfect either way ❤️ xxx

Alison - Don’t spend the whole day and night mingling, make sure u spend time with your family and new partner( make memories ).

Laura - I would just say...relax! People stress so much about the planning...and really it's just a big party! Organize something you, and your partner will enjoy. And if people dont like the food choices/music etc...tough (but really...who are you inviting that isnt similar to you/their for your day). 

Karen - Take time out from planning your big day to thinking what you will do 2 months after it. We found there was a big void in our life having nothing planned to look forward to. And after 37 years of marriage, this is still the memory I have.

Hannah - Just keep reminding yourself of the most important thing...it is YOUR day and nobody else’s, you are going to upset people on the way but the friends and family that really care will be their to celebrate with you, just enjoy every minute as it goes so quickly!

Hilary Duxbury - Choose your vendors (photographer, videographer, band, room dresser etc) carefully. Make sure they are people you trust & can communicate with easily - then once you’ve even them your brief - step away & let them do their thing !!!! They are professionals and know their stuff and will have your back to make sure everything goes well 😊 So happy we chose amazing people (including Creative Camera obviously) to make our day amazing. You MUST enjoy the day - it goes so fast xxx

Kath - Best advice we got was to make a point to stop at various parts of the day and take it all in. Consciously try to remember specifics otherwise it can end up as a blur as it’s over far too quickly. After 18 years of marriage lots of our day has faded away but we have specific memories that still remain clear.

Jessie - Always make a plan! Keep lists of what you need to do each month and once you have done it tick it off! .. feels great knowing your getting through your list. 

I know everyone says it but honestly dont panic and dont stress. Everything does turn out just perfect and all those worries you had really do feel like a distant memory! .. also enjoy every minute of your day because it really does go quicker than you think!! .. take everything in and get one of your bridesmaids or friends to write down who you want photos with or what ones you want .. or just to remind you to get selfies because sometimes in the moment of everything you forget who u wanted photos with  Have fun and enjoy it .. remember its your day and you've waited for this moment.

Kelly - Have a videographer....it might not seem a big deal at the time but it's such a busy day and they capture little details you would never see. It's so nice to look back on, especially when loved ones have passed away. It has become such a precious video to us.

Louise - There will always be something that doesn't quite go the way you planned it. Just roll with it. Take time to step back and take it all in through out the day. Deligate! That's why you have bridesmaids and best men. Through personal experience, get a wedding planner, on the day they were an absolute god send, nothing was too much trouble and it saves you stressing over things. Above all have fun! 😍

There will always be something that doesn't quite go the way you planned it. Just roll with it. Take time to step back and take it all in through out the day. Deligate! That's why you have bridesmaids and best men. Through personal experience, get a wedding planner, on the day they were an absolute god send, nothing was too much trouble and it saves you stressing over things. Above all have fun! 😍

Gemma - Try to remember that although it's your big, special day, it's still just a party and you get the whole of the rest of your lives to look forward to. If the ringbearer falls over or the you accidentally sit on your bouquet, just add it to the funny anecdotes folder and carry on enjoying the rest. Make sure you take time to eat, both before the ceremony and afterwards. And remember to spend time with your new spouse. If you spend all your time circulating alone you'll only have the ceremony and first dance together.

Louise - If you love each other, you don't need to spend £20/30K on a wedding.Make your own invites and favours, get friends to take photos/pictures, You dont need to spend £2K on a dress


  • We'd give you what we've learnt from listening to couples over the years.  We've seen couples ask each other who this person or that person is and literally wonder to themselves why they've just spent £200+ for a table full of people that they don't even know and will probably rarely , if ever ,see again.  That money could have gone towards a amazing day trip on your honeymoon.   Anne was once dragged into the toilet by the Bride telling her, in a very drunk voice, 'I don't even know half the people here and the half that I do know, I don't even like...'
  • Enjoy the planning process,  take inspiration from the internet and research your suppliers well but most of all, plan your wedding your way.  From Bingo to the Groom doing a death metal set before first dance.  Make it memorable. But enjoy the ride...
  • Take the time to spend with each other.  We've had way to many brides and grooms tell us that they spent 30mins or more talking to people they don't know because they felt sorry for them.  That's time you could be spending with each other.
  • The only person who knows what your day is meant to look like is YOU....  Those little details that go wrong don't matter, don't let it ruin your day.
  • Delegate tasks,  pick a bridesmaid or groomsman that is reliable enough to pass the confetti out, bring the rings etc
  • Wear comfy shoes....  Honestly no one sees your shoes, so be comfy not crippled.
  • Get the food you want....  If that's cheeseburgers, then get cheeseburgers.  If it's a five course buffet then go for it....
  • If photos / video are important to you then get a photographer / Videographer...  If you get a guest / family member to do it then two things happen
    • They are missing a big part of your day....
    • If they balls it up, you'll never speak to them again...

The right Wedding photographers are your wedding day helping hand, help  your day run smoothly and capture the important moments....


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